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About Us

    " The Greatest Mother's Day gift ever! And Diane hand delivered it" 

Our story begins with you in mind and heart.  Hi I'm Diane! I started this sweet little business with a single purpose: to creates something truly exceptional for bee our customers. Each and every one of you is at the heart of why we exist. 

We saw a gap in the journal and stationary market and was driven by the desire to design journals and books that promote complete self-love and acceptance. In addition to having apparel to emphasize that same self-love. 

Our journey is fueled by your satisfaction,your needs, and your experiences. From the very inception of our business, it has been about crafting an experience tailored to you, because you deserve nothing less.

Why Write To Feel?

* Customization of covers: Set your intentions for your day in a book crafted for ONLY You!

*Choice: You get to choose from 2 ethically made materials, along with customization for our "Notes To Self Collection" 

*Hand-made: Each piece meticulously crafted, one of a kind for your unique vibe.  Never mass produced.

                                       Embrace Every Moment

For the woman on the move, exploring the world with eyes wide open and heart full of dreams.

The woman wearing all the hats, revealing her glow in her Write To Feel journal.

The romatic woman, revealing her deepest desires secretly in her book, made exclusively her.

A woman who seeks the solitude of her own company, connecting with peace and the depts of her soul in a book made exclusively for HER! 

All these Women live within all of US..... United We Write!

At Write To Feel, we are passionate about the power of writing to evoke emotions, inspire personal growth, and foster self-expression. We believe that through the written word, individuals can connect with their deepest thoughts, experiences, and desires, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

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