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Who we serve!

We serve women who want a peaceful sacutuary for all their feelings and dreams while having a safe place to heal with our custom journals. For those who cherish comfort as much as we do..... Our handmade chenille blankets make it a perfect moment of pure bliss, wrapped up in a custom masterpiece. And your fur babies can experience the same coziness with our pet line. And when you are looking for apparel to introduce you without having to say a word.

Who I am

Hi, I'm Di, the humble owner and creator of this sweet little business. I have been keeping my world in ink since I was 7 years young, the days of Dear Diary with a lock and key. Such a kind way to express myself and keep it forever, I can always see how far I've come through the years. And I wanted to serve women who want to experience the same freedom in this practice of keeping a journal. All while wrapped in luxury with a handmade blanket. And to be completely transparent, I am a t-shirt and ripped jeans kinda chick, so that's why I developed 3rd Born apparel.


Behind the scenes...

I design the journals, blankets, pet beds, children's bundles and apparel. I do all the manufacturing of the products and pack to ship. I am all hands on board to make sure all orders are sent out in a timely manner for a seamless and ideal experience. In addition, I wanted to offer women effortless style with carefully curated fashion.


107 Orchard Ave. Hightstown NJ 08520 USA


Mon - Sat: 8:00am Eastern- 8:00pm Eastern