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"Notes To Self" Bamboo Customizable Book

Type: Journal

Are you struggling to organize your thoughts and goals?  The clutter in your mind can lead to stress and decreased productivity.

Imagine creating a moment in your day for just You!!  You grab your custom, handmade "Notes To Self" Book to release it all in ink. You instantly feel calm, balanced and looking forward to move on with your day. 

Our elegant "Notes To Self Collection"  provides the perfect space to declutter your thoughts and focus on your aspirations, promoting clarity and peace of mind.

  • Writing on recylcled paper gives our earth a break
  • The sturdiness of bamboo allows your thoughts to reside in a safe place
  • The ease of spiral invites you to turn as quickly as your writing.
  • I ensure that your name, initials or short meaage will last forever by using woodburning method

Allow yourself to grow using your own words and trust the process.

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